You don't have to be big leaguer, owner or general manager to have a memorable experience in baseball. Readers share their stories of how they were touched by the game.

Baseball Stories

Jackie Robinson tells Rabbi about discrimination: I felt same way Jews did

A Rabbi recalls a memorable meeting with Jackie Robinson prior to a World Series game. He said: “Jackie, I want to give a sermon about this World Series Opener and you’re the key to it. Could you please tell me how, after nine years in the majors, you feel about the experience?”

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Impact of Ken Holtzman’s first no-hitter on a young Jewish boy

It is funny the things you remember when you were a kid. No matter how the wiring in the brain gets frayed, there are indelible images that time can’t touch. Kenny Holtzman’s first no-hitter was one of those memories for me. Not only was it a huge sports moment in my early evolution as a fan, but it was one of the first times I could remember having a keener sense of a Jewish identity.

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Have you ever had a brush with greatness with a star Jewish player like Sandy Koufax or Hank Greenberg? What's our favorite memory in the game? We would love hear your favorite personal stories regarding baseball. Please share them with us here.
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